Roll with a faster
customer loyalty program.

the Customer Loyalty Accelerator

"CLA" is an innovative customer loyalty program with instant rewards, easy and fast to the finish line. Try it free on Shopify or Clover!


Use the CLA app to instantly reward customers and build loyalty faster. The more they spend, the more they earn, and the bigger your bottom line.


Takes only minutes to install and seconds for new customers to be incentivized and up and running, spending money in your store.


Customers are rewarded with CLA instant rewards that they spend in your store. Store owners like you are rewarded with quicker results, bigger profits.

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A Comprehensive Customer Loyalty Program

The Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is a complete customer loyalty program that incentivizes your small business customers and earns their loyalty fast via our #1 feature, “CLA instant rewards.”  When paired with CLA’s “Inventory Advantage,” the results roll in and profits rise!

Up to 200 - 500% increase in your sales during first 60 days*

*Some new customers reported 500% sales increases during their first two months using the CLA app

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Roll with a faster customer loyalty program.

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