$100 Referral Incentive Announced by Customer Loyalty Accelerator

Are you a professional providing services to Shopify or Clover merchants?

Have we got good news for you!  Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) has launched a $100 Referral Incentive Program.  It’s super easy to do and a tremendous benefit to your Shopify/Clover merchant-clients looking to increase revenues and customer satisfaction.

Simply refer your merchant to sign up for CLA’s industry leading, 90-Day Free Trial.  After your merchant’s participation* in the CLA program for 30 days, we’ll send you $100 as a big thank you for your referral (whether or not they continue with the program after their 90-Day Free Trial – how sweet is that?)

What is Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA), and why does your merchant really need this incredible loyalty app in their store?

Simply put, CLA is the easiest way to more money from return customer spending.  Some of our clients have seen as much as a 1500% increase in sales from return customer spending in just three months. CLA is the only simple, plug-and-play loyalty program that offers instant, in-store credits (instead of complicated points -based plans).  It works equally well in e-commerce and brick & mortar stores.

To learn more, watch our explainer video, ”The Secrets Behind Successful Loyalty Programs”, visit our listing in the Shopify and Clover app stores, or tour around on this website.

How do you claim your $100 Referral Reward? 

Let’s keep this really, really simple, shall we?

Just email us (help@EncoreIncentives.com) with the name of the merchant you’ve referred, and after 30 days of merchant participation*, woo-hoo!! ­– a $100 check will be winging its way to you.

Our only find print:

* What do we mean by “Particiption” ? This couldn’t be any easier, too.  Even just one customer enrollment in CLA by your referred merchant qualifies. ‘Nuff said.

** This is a limited-time offer, and may expire without notice.  So, get hoppin’ !

Help out your Shopify or Clover merchant-clients by turning them on to a great new loyalty app that’s proven to increase return customer sales, and get a big fat $100 thank you from us in return.

Looking forward to seeing your referral email!

The Staff of CLA.