$50 Donation to First Data Consultants’ “Favorite Charity” for Customer Loyalty Accelerator App Referrals

For a limited time, Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is offering First Data Business Consultants a $50 donation, in your name,  to your favorite charity for each merchant they refer to CLA to sign-up for a minimum of one month of paid subscription to the Customer Loyalty Accelerator Clover station loyalty rewards app.

The terms for the $50 bonus offer are simple and straight-forward:

1. The bonus applies to the first 50 merchant sign-ups referrals.

2. Either the merchant should mention the First Data Consultant at the time of sign up, or the First Data Consultant may pass on the referring information to Customer Loyalty Accelerator.  All we need is to be able to attribute the sign up to your referral..

3. The $50 donation shall be made in the business consultant’s name within two weeks of the merchant’s sign up for a CLA subscription. The First Data business consultant can designate the charity of their choice, or if a charity is not designated, CLA will make a $50 donation to the Make A Wish Foundation in the business consultant’s name. 

4. The CLA app is available on the Clover App Market for $24.95/mo after the 30 day free trial :

Questions and referrals regarding this offer may be directed to: