Can Your Loyalty Program be Trained to Fetch Repeat Sales?

After all your effort running down your new customers, you want to hang on to them like a puppy with a bone.  But, does your current loyalty program have you feeling like you’re just chasing your tail?

Can your program be “trained” – e.g customized –  to fetch repeat sales?

Customizing your loyalty incentives to target your high-value customers is the easiest way for Shopify and Clover merchants to lower costs and earn more money from return customer spending.  Can your loyalty program do that trick?

If not, you should check out the new dog on the block…  the Customer Loyalty Accelerator app for Shopify and Clover.

A customizable loyalty program allows retailers to easily target high-value customers with special incentives that motivate return visits and higher spending. Instead of offering coupons, points or markdowns, you encourage return visits by rewarding your customers with instant in-store credits. Even leading retailers like Amazon, Costco, Kohl’s and Walgreens are using the power of in-store credits to motivate and reward return customer visits with increased spending.

Customization is your best the path to building lasting customer relationships – which is the ultimate goal of any customer loyalty program. The best performing programs offer instantly redeemable in store credits (vs. complicated points-based systems) to motivate return visits and higher customer spending.

Customer Loyalty Accelerator is available for download
on the Shopify App Store at

Also on the Clover App Market at