Costco and Amazon Turn to Cash Incentives to Reward Customer Loyalty

Costco is now offering its members a $10 – $20 cash reward when they sign up for a membership auto renewal.  The recently launched program is designed to reward customer loyalty for signing up on an auto renewal plan.

Amazon has also embraced the marketing shift to cash rewards, offering a $10 incentive to Prime Day shoppers in exchange for additional customer data.  The deal is for new installations of the Amazon Assistant, a comparison shopping tool that customers can add to their web browsers. It fetches Amazon’s price for products that users see on, and elsewhere. Amazon already has more than 7 million customers using its assistant via Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, according to data published by those web browsers. 

Amazon’s Prime Day promotion offers a window into what it will pay for browsing data. For Prime Day 2018, it offered $5 off to new Amazon Assistant users who spent at least $25. This year it offered $10 off to those spending at least $50.

“Customer trust is paramount to Amazon, and we take customer privacy very seriously,” a company spokeswoman said, noting compliance with the assistant’s privacy policy, which says data collection is for websites that users visit “where we may have relevant product or service recommendations.”

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