Costco Leans-In Even More Strongly to Customer Cash Incentive Promotions

Long a believer in the power of customer cash incentives – starting with their annual cash reward on Executive Memberships – Costco continues to launch variations of cash incentive promotions to reward customer loyalty and excite more sales. A recent promotion targeted at P&G products offered a $25 cash reward in return for a $100 purchase of qualifying P&G consumer items.

The P&G cash incentive follows other similar cash-reward based promotions intended to drum up customer loyalty and spin up sales.

Costco also offers cash rewards based on purchases from their branded, Citi Anywhere Visa Card, ranging from 1% – 4% cash back.

As one of the preeminent and forward-thinking retailers in the world, Costco continues to advance customer cash reward incentives as one of their primary marketing tools.

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) gives smaller Shopify and Clover merchants a similar ability to build customer excitement and value by rewarding store loyalty with cash incentives that bring return visits and more sales.

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