Customer Loyalty Accelerator Unveils Sweeping Program Upgrades, New Features

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) has recently launched sweeping program updates and a suite of new features. CLA is now both the most feature-rich and affordable loyalty program for Shopify and Clover merchants.

New Subscription Plans

Basics (free) is a permanent free plan merchants can stay on as long as they wish.  It provides up to 250 member enrollments, instant store credit rewards, standard detailed activity reports, SMS and email messaging.

Complete is a paid plan offering advanced program features. Unlimited enrollment, customizable customer activity reports, data export,  monitoring, referral promotion, Inventory Advantage © (Inventory Exclusion and Inventory Promotion), SMS/text messaging are included in this plan. The monthly subscription fee is $24.95 per month.

Complete Plus is available only for Clover merchants.  This plan offers all of the Complete features, plus a unique Gift Card plan. With CLA, you get unlimited gift cards for one low monthly fee (only $10 more with the StarterPlus Plan option).

New Features

The Inventory Advantage © feature suite includes Inventory Exclusion and Inventory Promotion. CLA is unique among loyalty apps in its ability to help you optimize revenue opportunities from your loyalty program by managing inventory availability (exclusion) or promotion for loyalty rewards.

Inventory Exclusion

Merchants using CLA may exclude certain inventory items from participation in your Rewards Program with just a few simple steps.  You may want to do this for a variety of reasons – for instance, an item is in short supply or perhaps has a very narrow profit margin.

Inventory Promotion (coming Second Quarter 2022)

Using the CLA Inventory Promotion feature, you can also highlight selected items with greater rewards. The CLA app can then be used to send SMS and/or text notifications to your loyalty members of the availability of special rewards on specific inventory.

About Customer Loyalty Accelerator

The Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) app for Shopify and Clover platforms helps small and medium sized merchants compete with retail Goliaths in building digital relationships .  A groundbreaking loyalty program, CLA uses the power of spending-based instant store credits to reward return customer visits – and higher spending –generating more revenue for your store.