Has Your Store Loyalty Program Let You Down?

Customer Loyalty Accelerator will give your loyalty plan a big boost!

Jane the store ownerWhy is Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) the best rewards program for your Shopify or Clover store?

CLA is an instant, in-store credit loyalty program that dramatically ignites return customer visits and higher spending. Some merchants using the CLA app have seen sales to returning customers increase by 1500% in just the first three months.  You can light a fire under your customers to spend even more with CLA.

CLA Offers the Best Free Trial… Ever!

We  offer an incredible 30 Day Free Trial plan. All your in-store credits are fully funded by CLA – up to $200 – so you can experience terrific ROI completely risk free.

Limited Time Special Offer – Extended to 90 Days!

Sign up now and we’ll extend your Free Trial to 90 days and add an additional $400 of in-store credits.

Want more info?

The CLA website has got you covered. Check out How It Works to get started.

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Sign up in your Shopify or Clover app store.

Shopify just got better                         CLOVER MARKET

After your 90 Day Free Trial, CLA is just $24.95 a month. CLA is a monthly subscription plan so you can cancel at any time if not completely satisfied.