How Is Customer Loyalty Changing in 2018?

Did you know 70% of consumers say they are more likely to recommend a brand that has a good loyalty program?  Or that 92% believe recommendations from friends or family over all other forms of advertising?

Clearly, the state of customer loyalty programs is changing rapidly in 2018, and these programs have become an enormous driver in the customer relationship with your brand, according to the Bond 2018 Loyalty Report.  87% of customers report they are willing to have details of their purchase activity monitored in order to receive personalized rewards and more relevant offers, yet, only 19% say their program makes them feel special or recognized as a “best customer.”

The Bond Report recommends programs need to use better technology to create more personalized and meaningful relationships; and, equip customer service reps with more relevant information  about the customer. “Investing in the customer experience presents tremendous opportunities as well as the challenge to outpace customer expectations in order to surprise and delight in a very demanding space,” the Bond Report concluded.

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