How Shopify and Clover Merchants Can Ignite Dramatic Revenue Growth Right Now

Do you want to dramatically increase sales to returning customers?  

In this Case Study, the Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) program increased return spending from selected customers by 512% in the first 60 days.  (see How It Works page)

This woman’s boutique store gave Customer Loyalty Accelerator’s instant in-store loyalty credits to 46 selected “high-value” customers.   The store’s investment in CLA’s loyalty credits was only $770, and the returning customers came back to the store to spend $3,950 on additional purchases, motivated by their rewards incentive.  


Find Customer Loyalty Accelerator on the Shopify and Clover App Stores:

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What Can Customer Loyalty Accelerator Do for You?

CLA is a groundbreaking,  instant in-store rewards  program, offering you a simple app for identifying your valued customers, personalizing their shopping experience and generating more revenue through return customer visits and higher spending. CLA is super easy to set up and even easier to use.  See for yourself – risk free – for 60 days.

CLA is the Easiest and Fastest Way to More Money

The key to CLA’s success is that loyalty programs offering cash incentives are proven to have a far higher sign-up rate, and returning customers are proven to spend a lot more than new ones.

Leading retailers like Costco, Amazon, Kohls, Krogers and others are now using the power of cash rewards to motivate return customer visits. CLA makes it easy for you and your customers to benefit from instant cash rewards.

One of the Best Trial Plans Ever Offered!

We’re offering a simple pricing plan and including a limited time offer that extends your free trial to 60 days.  

  • 30-Day FREE trial (standard) with installation guidance and tooltips, making deployment super-easy
  • During your  FREE trial, CLA will fund up to $100 of the rewards redeemed by your customers
  • For a limited time, CLA will extend your Free Trial to 60 days!
  • Accurate digital contact data of customers
  • Detailed Customer Activity & Spending reports
  • On-going support, as needed, to fine-tune your program for optimal results
  • CLA Rewards Cards printed with your logo

For more information on Customer Loyalty Accelerator, visit us at or on the Shopify and Clover App stores.