How to Keep Yourself, Loved Ones and Employees Healthy and Safe During the CV-19 Shutdown

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Because Covid-19 can be such a devastating respiratory illness, the best defense for yourself, family, employees – and even your customers –  is a strong circulatory system and lungs.   A vaccine likely will take 18 to 24 months to develop and some reports say it may only be 50% effective.  By making your lungs and circulation system as strong as possible now, you are taking back some control of your own fate while building up your immunity system.  There’s lots of evidence that if you get CV-19, strong lungs could minimize the symptoms of the virus and speed your recovery.

Use this “Stay At Home” Period to Strengthen Both Your Immune System and Your Work Team

There is one very simple proactive step you can take during this “Stay At Home” period (and the Paycheck Protection Plan for many small businesses), to protect yourself and others, while also team building among your employees and loved ones.

Why not create an informal walking and/or running club and invite family, friends, employees and customers to participate?

It is a terrific way to get the lungs into fighting shape, while also keeping your people together and motivated until the “Coming Out” period. And during the wonderful spring weather, its a great way to safely get out and fight off the malaise of “stay at home” isolation.  Of course, organize your walking or running club while maintaining social distancing.  It’s also an excellent method to stay in touch with, and provide a unique value to your customers in a positive way during the shutdown.

What Are the Special Benefits to Walking and Running During Covid-19?

•  Changes in Breathing While Running and Walking

The heart and lungs come into action while running. The lungs supply oxygen to the body, an element needed for cell growth and energy. The heart delivers oxygen to the muscles. The muscles work harder during exercise, like running, requiring the body to use more oxygen and therefore create more carbon dioxide. To meet this increased demand, your breathing rate must increase to about 40 to 60 breaths per minute, up from about 15 times when at rest.  This increases the lung’s oxygen capacity and strengthens the muscles of the lungs. Walking or running regularly can increase your lung functioning and aerobic capacity.

•  A Running/Walking Schedule to Improve Respiratory Health

Although the amount of walking or running needed to improve respiratory health depends on a person’s weight, age and overall health, aerobic activities should be done at least three to five days a week. While running, 60 to 85 percent of the maximum heart rate should be maintained for 20 to 60 minutes for maximum respiratory benefits.

•  Improve Brain and Emotional Health

Another benefit from walking and running is the effect on reducing any psychological effects from social distancing isolation and worry over the pandemic. The activity also helps with brain health. 

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