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CLA Instant Rewards Program

App Benefits
How it Works

Accelerate customer loyalty with CLA Instant Rewards©.

Energize your customers and earn their loyalty faster with the simple and easy, yet powerful CLA Loyalty App. It's designed to deliver rewards instantly, and stimulate larger and more frequent customer purchases from your online and brick & mortar stores.

Outpace your competition with unique tools.

CLA’s unique app features, not found anywhere else, give your small business a competitive edge. Reward instantly with “CLA Instant Rewards©,” and maximize your inventory ROI with “Inventory Incentive©,” two groundbreaking tools that help differentiate your loyalty program from the others.  

Motivate Customers

MOTIVATE your customers to spend larger amounts in your store and more often by rewarding them instantly with “CLA Instant Rewards©," instantly-redeemable store credits that they can spend right away. Learn more> >

Optimize Inventory

OPTIMIZE your inventory with Inventory Incentive© to maximize your inventory ROI.  Inventory Incentive© is a groundbreaking tool for the loyalty industry, the first of its kind available only here. Learn more>>

Promote Specials

PROMOTE with Inventory Incentive’s “promote inventory” feature by assigning greater rewards to seasonal merchandise or overstocked inventory to drive store traffic and move product fast. Learn more>>

Maximize ROI

MAXIMIZE Inventory ROI with Inventory Incentive’s “exclude inventory” feature to exclude certain inventory items from participation in your rewards program. This works well for low profit margin or limited supply inventory. Learn more>>

Target Market

Export your CLA customer data to an optional email marketing platform such as Mailchimp to identify your target audiences, then MARKET to them via email marketing campaigns. Learn more>>  

Accelerate Loyalty

Roll with the CLA app to ACCELERATE your customers' loyalty and repeat business at your store. The CLA App is also called the Customer Loyalty Accelerator.  

App Benefits
How it Works

The CLA app in three steps

How it works

Immediate Rewards

Your customers receive an immediate in store credit for enrolling in your CLA program and providing accurate digital contact information.

Instant Store Credits

Once the customer is enrolled, they can instantly apply their reward towards purchases at your store, plus earn additional rewards with more spending.

Increased Spending

Customers are motivated to spend more by easy-to-understand, instant store credits – that don’t require complicated point accumulation programs. And rewards can be reloaded based on spending levels set by the merchant.