Kohl’s Cash Program Cashes-In Big Time with 25 Million Users

Kohl’s Cash program is unique in how it rewards customer loyalty, and that uniqueness has paid off big-time for one of the few bright spots in the retail brick and mortar sector.   Kohl’s reward is simple and direct – $10 in store credit for every $50 spent –  instead of the old, worn model of customers having to collect and track points over a long period of time.  Kohl’s understands that cash rewards have proven to be the highest motivator to influence customer behavior.

“Given all the turmoil in the industry… Kohl’s indeed does stand out as a retailer that is doing a lot of the right things,” according to Forbes Magazine. Following suit, Macy’sTargetDSW and others are scrambling to beef up rewards for their biggest fans, while also offering something to those who may not want to sign up for a paid membership or store credit card.  

Loyalty programs are not only becoming increasingly popular, they’re also generating revenue: According to a recent report by Allied Market Research, the global loyalty management market is expected to grow to $6.95 billion by 2023, up from $1.93 billion in 2016. Last year, Forrester found that U.S. adults who shop online belong to an average of 3.7 loyalty programs. 

How Can Smaller Merchants Compete with the Big Chain Loyalty Programs? 

One answer for Clover and Shopify merchants is the unique Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) program, an easily accessible app on their POS terminals. “The Customer Loyalty Accelerator loyalty program is designed to work for smaller merchants that don’t have the same size and clout as a Kohl’s,” said CEO Alan Steinberg.  “CLA will ignite any retailer’s loyalty program to a new level of performance,” Steinberg continued.  “As with Kohl’s Cash, the cash incentive of CLA motivates customers to spend more and share critical contact information, resulting in a 360 degree view of your high-value customers and their transaction history.”    

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) provides a cash reward to the customer at enrollment which gives the retailer accurate customer contact data, critical in this age of digital marketing. Then customers earn additional cash rewards automatically applied to their cards as they make return visits and additional purchases. CLA offers merchants a 30-Day Free Trial and further extends its new customer support through an innovative, 7-Point BOOSTER Package for the following three months.  Additional information on Customer Loyalty Accelerator, it’s 30-Day Free Trial and 3 month BOOSTER Package is available on the company’s website, https://customerloyaltyaccelerator.com/free-trial/.