Loyalty Program Data is Key to Growing Your Brand

Data obtained from an engaging customer loyalty program is where it’s at when it comes to must-have marketing technology, said Chris Ruszkowski, VP of marketing for Quizno’s.

“Loyalty programs have really transformed what we do in marketing. We have spent so many dollars over the years talking to get new customers to come in. Talking to, and engaging with our existing customers is very beneficial to our success. Because, once you are able to invite a customer into a loyalty program, they are accepting the invitation and saying, yes I want to hear from you. That ability to literally market one-on-one with our customer is so important to where we are going.”

Ruszkowski continued, “Marketing has always been about the insights and understanding your target audience,” he told Hughes’ Jeff Bradbury during the Fast Casual Executive Summit. “Technology is allowing us to better understand our demographics and reach them. The cool thing is seeing our promotions in real time.”

Encore Incentives’ Customer Loyalty Accelerator does exactly that at the most important touch-point of the customer relationship, by rewarding sales associates to offer a trackable, re-loadable cash incentive card in exchange for joining the store’s loyalty program. Endorsing this strategy, Ruszkowski said, “If an employee feels they are part of something, a movement, they are going to be more engaged with their job every day.”

Ruszkowski’s comments are part of a video interview as part of Fast Casual’s Executive Summit. View the entire interview here.