Microsoft Survey of 34,000 Consumers on Loyalty Programs Reveals Surprise Opinions

Microsoft recently conducted a survey of over 34,000 consumers regarding their opinions on loyalty rewards programs.  The results reveal the systemic weaknesses in many of these programs.  Rewards take too long, are too difficult, or not perceived as valuable.

Survey Question:   What don’t you like about loyalty or rewards programs you’ve belonged to?

•        It takes too long to earn a reward = 39%
•        It’s too difficult to earn a reward = 26%
•        Rewards are not valuable = 25%
•        Confusing = 21%

Customer Loyalty Accelerator’s (CLA) innovative “instant in-store credits” reward system addresses all of these concerns in one easy to implement app for Shopify and Clover merchants.  Customers receive instant “spending-based” rewards via SMS alerts that encourage return visits and increased in-store spending.

Some merchants have seen more than a 500% increase in return spending using the CLA app to motivate loyal customer visits.

It’s a simple, immediate, easy to understand and redeem loyalty reward based on your customer’s spending pattern.

CLA is available for a limited time with a 60-Day Free Trial period on both the Shopify and Clover App Stores (double the standard 30-Day Trial).

Download it now and see your return customer spending explode!