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How fast? Racing fast. Unlike traditional slow-earning points systems, the CLA loyalty app is simplistic in design, yet fast performing. It immediately rewards your loyalty members with instantly redeemable store credits after each purchase. The speedy delivery opens the door for loyalty to develop quickly, along with return visits to your store.

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Incentivize with "CLA Instant Rewards©."

The CLA App is powered by “CLA Instant Rewards©,” rewards that are instantly earned, instantly delivered, instantly redeemable, and quick to incentivize return store visits and bigger purchases. Shoppers today favor instant rewards because they don’t want to wait for traditional points-based rewards to build up.      

Leverage your stock with "Inventory Advantage©."

“Inventory Advantage©” is the CLA App’s newest feature, a ground-breaking tool that  integrates inventory ROI strategy with your CLA loyalty program. Loyalty program managers can now utilize inventory more cost-efficiently, close out inventory more quickly, and maximize inventory revenue.    

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Earn loyalty faster. Reward instantly with the CLA App.

The CLA app, aka the Customer Loyalty Accelerator, is the fastest customer loyalty program around! Enroll now in CLA's Basics subscription package, free indefinitely.

Up to 200 - 500% increase in your sales during first 60 days*

*Some new customers reported 500% sales increases during their first two months using the CLA app

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CLA Instant Rewards©

The CLA App is powered by “CLA Instant Rewards©,” rewards that are instantly favored by customers old and young.

“CLA Instant Rewards©” are powerful motivators because they are quick to earn and spend. Shoppers today don’t want to wait for rewards to build up.

An existing customer and loyalty member can walk into your store, make a $10 purchase, and instantly earn “CLA Instant Rewards©.” Those rewards are instantly redeemable store credits that the customer can apply to another purchase right away or later.

That same customer can choose to spend $100 or more and earn even more “CLA Instant Rewards©” because rewards earned are based on a percentage of a customer’s purchase. The more they spend, the more instantly redeemable store credits they earn. You, the store owner, determine in advance what percentage of customer purchases will translate into customer rewards.

The “CLA Instant Rewards©” not only motivate customers to buy sooner and more often from your store, but they also energize your customers to spend even more each time they visit your store.

Giving your loyalty program the capabilities to 1) Instantly deliver instantly redeemable store credits and 2) Reward in greater quantities based on the amount spent are two significant ways to differentiate your store from your competitors’ loyalty programs who still rely on old-fashioned, slow-earning, flat rate, points-based reward systems.

There are several kinds of CLA Instant Rewards© your customers can earn at your store:

*Enrollment Rewards
*Purchase Rewards
*Birthday Rewards
*Anniversary Rewards
*Referral Rewards

Rewarding your customers with “CLA Instant Rewards©” is the best, fastest way to incentivize your customers to spend more with your online or brick and mortar store more often. 

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