Shopify and Clover Merchants Offer Customers a Loyalty Rewards Program on Par with Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s recently revamped its hugely successful Kohl’s Cash loyalty program to make it simpler and easier to redeem rewards. The retooled program incorporates several new features – many of which are remarkably similar to those already available to Shopify and Clover merchants using the Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) app.


Kohl’s embrace of these program feature serves to underscore the tremendous value smaller and independent merchants receive by using the CLA app in their Shopify and Clover retail stores.  The CLA app allows these merchants to easily and affordably offer their customers a cash-reward loyalty program on par with one of the most successful “big boys” of retail.

Customer Loyalty Accelerator is available for download
on the Shopify App Store 

And also on the Clover App Market


“We will maximize value for our Kohl’s customers nationwide with the launch of Kohl’s Rewards by rewarding them with more Kohl’s Cash every day,” said Greg Revelle, Kohl’s chief marketing officer. “Kohl’s has always been synonymous with value – and over the last decade we’ve built one of retail’s leading loyalty programs, a critical element in delivering an outstanding experience for our customers.”


The retailer will leverage personalization capabilities to create unique customer deals and perks, driving deeper engagement. Furthermore, new elements, such as printing out a customer’s Kohl’s Rewards balance on the shopping receipt, digital reminders of available Kohl’s Cash coupons, and syncing Kohl’s Rewards balances across channels, make the Kohl’s Rewards experience easier.


While these features may be new to the Kohl’s program, many have been at the foundation of the Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) loyalty rewards program.  CLA motivates return customer visits and higher spending through instantly-redeemable cash rewards and digital reminders sent to customers.  Some CLA merchants have seen sales to returning customers increase by 1500% in just the first three months.


Marketing research shows cash incentives are a far more effective alternative to price discounting sales and coupons– because those promotions diminish profit margins and “train” customers to wait for reduced sale prices.


CLA is available on the Shopify App Store and Clover App Market.  Our “industry-best” 90 Day Free Trial is an incredible value. After the 90 Day Free Trial period, the subscription is just $24.95 month.

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