Six Questions to Ask When Crafting a Winning Customer Loyalty Program

Part 2

4. What should I focus on once my program is up and running?
While launching a loyalty program is a great first step towards using rewards to bring in your regulars more frequently, it’s only just that–a first step. Lasting loyalty success lies in creating a solid foundation of core membership for your program. To reap the greatest rewards, it takes a full-on effort over the first thirty to sixty days to lay the groundwork for a lasting loyalty program.

We’ve seen programs both fly and fizzle, and those that soar are the teams that enroll at least one hundred members. As businesses reach the century mark, they start to see a noticeable change in customer behavior that really affects their bottom line positively. To get the first hundred to join, create a contest for your employees and give them an exciting incentive for achieving this important goal. Create an award for the team member who signs up the most customers to your program in 30 days.

5. How do I get the most out of my loyalty program in the long run?
Loyalty is not a thing that happens once and then it’s over; it’s the thing you do every day to show your customers you value their business.

To grow the kind of loyalty that really lasts, try these ideas:
  • At launch, provide staff with a brief script explaining your program and its value in a compelling way. Then, once your team has been promoting the program for some time, have team members who’ve shown the most success in signing up customers coach others.
  • Encourage your staff to recognize your—and their—best customers, and make sure they go the extra mile when one comes in. They’ll welcome the extra attention.

The beauty of mobile loyalty programs is that they make it easy to understand who your best customers are, what they like, how they prefer it, and how often they come through. Be sure to take advantage of the analytics any good loyalty program provides and use that intelligence to create specials and regular offerings that speak to the things you’ve learned.

6. How can I reach loyal customers who may have strayed?
You may know who your most valuable customers are, thanks to your new loyalty program. But without their contact information, there’s no way to reach them should they frequent your business less than they used to.  Top their loyalty apps like Customer Loyalty Accelerator will provide you with multiple ways to reach customers who have strayed (birthday and signup anniversary rewards, for example).
Source:  Adapted from a Clover white paper