Tips & Tricks for Ensuring Customer Loyalty

Adapted from Clover Blog

Reward programs and other customer loyalty benefits have become the norm. Businesses which fail to offer them do so at their own risk.

In today’s customer-centric digital-driven economy, businesses need to find creative ways to attract, retain, and delight customers. 

Among other things, businesses are using personalization, highly targeted marketing, and big data to better understand their current customers and attract new ones. While customers don’t want to be spammed by brands, they do want to know that the brand they work with “gets” them and has made the effort to understand their likes, needs, and pain points.

Clover, which offers point-of-sale systems and a wealth of other technologies for retailersrestaurants, and all types of businesses, allows merchants to build and maintain valuable relationships with their customers. With a simple user interface, merchants can set up customer profiles, create rewards programs, instantaneously send notifications when rewards are issued or discounts are offered, and meaningfully engage with customers throughout a program’s lifecycle. 

The affordability of Clover, combined with the ease of use in deploying marketing campaigns and customer communications, levels the playing field for small to medium-sized businesses competing with much larger and more amply funded competitors. For a highly competitive price, retailers, restaurants, and other businesses can generate sophisticated, entertaining, and rewarding communications.

Small businesses, even more than larger competitors, need to nurture their current customers while attracting new ones. Since customers are the lifeblood of a business, new ways have to be uncovered to build trust, reward loyalty, and ensure they understand their importance and value.

To accomplish this, Clover has broken down the business/customer relationship into four steps: 

  • Get to know them
  • Bring them back
  • Reward them
  • Hear their feedback 

Get to Know Them

Clover’s point-of-sale system allows businesses to create customer profiles automatically from purchase transactions (with the customer’s permission). As customers return for more purchases, Clover enables businesses to get a clearer picture of their preferences. This data doesn’t just reveal what customers like, it provides intelligence on when they like to buy. 

Clover facilitates technology that keeps customer lists up to date, ensuring that contact and marketing preferences are current. 

Bring Them Back

Once merchants know their customer, they have the power to create highly personalized and targeted marketing campaigns based on order history, buying habits, and preferences.

Businesses can send out real-time promotions through text or email campaigns and also receive customer feedback directly through the Clover Feedback app, one of nearly 400 available in the Clover App Market. 

Reward Them 

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for their loyalty? With Clover, and third party apps like Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA),  businesses can easily create powerful, personalized and customized loyalty programs. CLA gives merchants the functionality to choose the rewards and loyalty levels that both make economic sense and reflect their customers’ tastes.

Studies show that customers accelerate their purchase frequency by 20 percent when they’re close to earning a reward and also buy 20 percent more product in less time when motivated by a reward.